Relieved that my head and heart don’t feel so clogged today.  During this precarious time of my Dad’s passing, I’ve been encouraged to look more deeply at the masculine energy that will soon dissolve from my lineage. The meanings of the masculine and famine energies of the world, continue to be a mystery for me. I have dabbled here and there with readings from Sue Monk Kidd and Jean Shinoda Bolan but masculine energy has only arisen in dream group.

Growing up the masculine and feminine were portrayed only in terms of gender roles and stereo types.   My mother’s feminine world was one of strict lines. Rules not to be bent. I remember talking an evening summer walk with my entire family at our grandparents beach house. We were all in a festive mood and I got all goofy and silly sort of running, skipping and turning all at once. My Mother, who was having fun but a bit undone by my unruliness, and said something that translated to remember we ( my three sisters and I ) were ladies so don’t be so goofy. My Dad’s was being playful and linked our arms and said “Oh yes, now, You are ladies, one, two three….!” as we skipped around my mother! Now she laughed and softened immediately. Loved how my Dad could make her laugh, then soften.

Is that what the masculine energy is all about? Cutting away the unnecessary baggage of a situation?  Just a straight line sort of view?  Granted,  a fun family walk on a beach is somewhat a silly example, but in witnessing my Dad’s passing, how can I best deepen my view of a masculine energy lineage he has passed along? Where in my life do I need to channel this view to help balance the crazy swirl of my feminine self?  “Just cut to the chase Lis. Don’t let a hurricane brew with emotions that are most likely connected to past wounds.” This is the work that can be done now.

~ 100 day challenge, day 5….

12-24-12 647


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