7-30-11 080I was recently told by a very sweet soul, that my heart chakra is blocked. I didn’t get it. I still don’t entirely get it but here’s what I know. This bright soul, has never steered me wrong. She has held space for me more times than I can count, when I have fallen into a place so dark and deep that I felt I couldn’t go on.  So this fact is what I will trust. If she believes writing will help clear it, ok then. 100 days she says… so I will.

Admittedly I move at a turtle’s pace where spiritual matters are concerned, but what I have been thinking lately what this the heart chakra thing is all about, is one’s relationship with the Beloved, Spirit, Universe, God or whatever we call our sacred source, and our ability to recieve and give love. I guess it’s about something so much bigger than having ones heart broken….Trust, I guess. If I really trust I am being held by this bigger than me thing I wrestle with naming, then all will be well, because this knowing, is where my heart can rest.

So I guess I will spend the next 100 days digesting with these thoughts and see where it leads. Am I really not sliding down Alice’s hole but rather afraid my heart can not be broken any more? Is how we view ones heart really just so completely  warped?  Like how we constantly function as if permeance is a thing? I am not sure…clearly how I have been functioning so far is not working for me so here we go…day 1 done, 99 to go.



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